Braving Iraq – winner of Gold World Award

A Young Marsh arab laying fishing nets

Braving Iraq, the American version of the film that I shot in Iraq last year has received a Gold World award in the category of Ecology and Environment at the 2011 New York International Film Festival.  The winners were announced at NAB last night.  Lets hope this is the first of many awards for this film.

More information and a link to see the film here:,1&wp=info&id=405994


~ by Stephen Foote on April 13, 2011.

4 Responses to “Braving Iraq – winner of Gold World Award”

  1. Thanks for posting this – I haven’t managed to see the UK version yet.
    I’ve just finished watching this and hadn’t realised just how dangerous it was for you to film there! Beautiful shots of the marshes and birds and most interesting to hear the story behind it all. Does this US version differ much from the UK one? And can you let me know if dvd of the UK one is brought out? Thanks and congrats on a really interestinf and beautifully filmed docu.

  2. Greetings Stephen!

    The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival is once again looking for filmmakers and films for this year’s competition. Your film, Braving Iraq, was recently referred to us by Martin Hammond of MJH Media and is on our radar and we think it would be a great addition to the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival’s 2011 Film Competition – it is unique in subject & powerful in exploration! We strongly encourage you to submit your film – the submission deadline is June 1st.

    Internationally recognized as the premier event of its genre, the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival is an unparalleled industry gathering for the 650+ delegates who participate.

    There are 22 award categories, including the coveted Grand Teton Award (Best of Festival). Others include Best Wildlife Habitat, Best People & Nature, Best Theatrical and Best Immersive (large format, 3-D or Full Dome) as well as some new categories such as Conservation Hero, Best Short Shorts and Best Science and Nature. To see a full list of categories and Film Submission Requirements, visit this link:

    Finalists will be featured in special screenings throughout the Wildlife Film Festival in Jackson at the beginning of October. Finalists also can enjoy even more exposure with a number of Best of Festival tour events throughout the year. For more information about the upcoming Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival or to submit online, please visit If you would like to receive our electronic newsletter to get updates on Festival details as they unfold (judging, featured speakers, seminars and workshops), you can do so by clicking on the WILDWIRE link on the home page.

    I hope you will join us in Jackson Hole for our 10th Wildlife Film Festival —October 3rd – October 7th.

    In closing, we are always interested in reaching out to filmmakers we don’t know–please feel free to forward this to any filmmakers with projects focused on nature and the environment.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me,


    Kori Price
    Marketing & Design
    (307) 733.7016

  3. Just so you know great movie. I was in Iraq for a while and enjoyed the sections of the marsh that were peaceful. Then in N. Iraq near Syria there are some nice places too.

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